Friday, June 01, 2007

Flowers and a fall

This is how my Peace rose looked yesterday.

Peace bursting

And here it is today.

Peace fully open

The lilies are getting big fat buds now too.

Lily buds

My Mum had a fall yesterday. She was leaning over to sort out her shoes, and overbalanced. She hurt her back. She phoned me, I told her to use the alarm she has round her neck. She didn't want to trouble anyone, but I said it was what it was there for. So she said OK and put the phone down.

I rang John at work to let him know what was going on. He called back, and Mum's neighbour was there and they were waiting for the paramedics. A bit later Mum phoned back, and a nice lady paramedic spoke to me. Not taking Mum to hospital as they are happy she doesn't have a break, but muscular pain. They gave her paracetamol and called her GPs, one of whom visited later.

Helen was going to visit anyway yesterday, and John decided to go over too.

Peace Central

Gosh, doesn't that rose look soft and comfy to roll around on the petals! Soft and satiny.


Mary Anne said...

I'm glad to know your mom didn't suffer any breaks or serious injuries. It's very worrying when someone falls.

Your roses are gorgeous.

Digitalesse said...

I'm also glad to hear that your mum's fall wasn't too nasty, but it is a constant worry, isn't it?

Your flowers are lovely. I could almost smell those roses.

Liz y Brian said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm Liz at www.merseyandme.blogspot etc...You sometimes leave me notes. Best wishes to John and your mum. What a beautiful rose and delightful glimpse of summery Abersoch and picturesque little boat.

And plants! Blackcurrant Sage! Wow. Sounds juicy! and wonderful with roast...pork? would you say? Also, it is, it seems, judging from the photos, a universal truth, that where ever you go, you can't kill mint with a rake.

Finally, you wrote: "There are two new caravans at the bottom of the field. These are called 14 & 15, there isn't a 13."
I liked that.
Very best to your mom and John and roses.