Friday, February 22, 2008

My favourite visitor is back

Brodie visits again

My favourite visitor

Poor Brodie arrived back home about a week ago after being missing for a few hours, minus his collar, and with some scratches on his poor nose. The scratches look to be healing up nicely, so I've been giving him lots of pampering so he doesn't miss his slaves too much while they are away visiting Sarah in London.

My amaryllis is finally in bud - well, the bud has opened today but I haven't taken a photo yet. Maybe later today, though the light isn't very good at present. I'm not keen on using flash if I can avoid it - colours seem much truer with natural light.

Amaryllis in bud

Amaryllis in bud

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday excursion

1855 Dock Building

Felt really rough on Saturday, so just vegged in bed all day. Sunday it was so gorgeous out that we both felt we had to get out of the house. So wonderful to see so much sunshine.

Wolff Crane

Liverpool really is a city of cranes at present. I find them interesting - the angles they make against the sky and other buildings. And I love their colour against blue skies! Especially the red ones!

Baltic Fleet and Chevas Park

Baltic Fleet and cranes

Went to Gordale Nurseries first, where I was tempted by several plants (especially some of the euphorbias, but I worry about their nasty sap) but decided that I didn't really have the energy to look after any new plants right now. It was good fun to have a look at what is available at this time of year though, and it's so great to even begin to think about gardening again.

John trundled me as far as the kids' playground, when we heard some strange bird calls. We headed off towards them and found these strange birds:

Strange birds

What on earth are they? John made a guess at quail, but I didn't think quail had bald heads!

On to the flat afterwards, brought some more stuff home. Cooking notes Mum made at night school in the 1939-40 session. First recipe is lentil soup, followed by kidney soup. Not had time to read further yet. John went for a walk round the marine lake while I went through more bits and pieces.

It was very still, though very cold despite the sunshine. We watched a couple of kayackers paddling round the lake. Rather them than me!!! And then we watched the sun sink over the hills of Wales. Here's the last glimmer before it disappeared:


Today I went for my regular Monday evening counselling session. Been going for a few weeks now, was lucky enough to be able to contact the Counsellor I saw when I was fairly newly disabled with ME. She helped me a lot back then, and now I am seeing her for bereavement counselling. Today we began work on my Life Line. This is going to be painful I think, but I am convinced it will all help in the long term.

St Luke's Church and Unity Flats

Sunday Traffic jam outside St Luke's Church. We think there must have been something on at the new stadium. Obvously this is something we are going to have to take account of when planning on driving through Liverpool!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


West Kirby sunset

Sunday Sunset at West Kirby

We missed pancake day last week, so we had pancakes for breakfast this morning to make up for it. We both enjoyed them so much we are thinking we might make it a regular Tuesday morning breakfast.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Car Wash

Urm, meant to post more often - life just keeps happening. May get to update better soon, but in the meantime here's what we did on Sunday afternoon:

Been over to the flat in West Kirby both Saturday and Sunday and am knackered after all the car travel. We did manage to visit a couple of charity shops, John got a new to him shirt and some vinyl albums, I got two books, blue dragon china (that matches some bowls we already have), and a sparkly over blouse (can't resist a few sequins!).

But on the decluttering front we took a big black bin bag of stuff to Oxfam, and have started the next bag. And I am making plans for boxes at the top of the stairs to drop books in as I go through the book cases in our bedroom.

Sleep time now I think.