Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow and now fog

I woke up at 6am with the moon shining on my face. Even so it seemed very bright in the room, so I sat up and gazed at snow on the rooftops. After some thin sunshine, the fog rolled in.

Snow down Elmswood Road

The sun is just beginning to break through again now, so I expect what's left of the snow will melt quite quickly.

Looking out from the back bedroom

I hear there's more on the Lightning Process in the Daily Mail today - "How I beat the agony of M.E." - Emily Wilcox & Mum Esther Rantzen put it down to Lightning Process. The Mail is definitely giving this therapy some good publicity - it was only on 9th Jan this year that they last gave an example of a miracle cure using this "therapy".

A friend (thankyou Tom!) has also pointed out Emily Wilcox last reported being cured in the Daily Mail back in October 2001.

Apparently it's important for one to be Ready before attempting this Training.

Am I ready to take the training?

As with any training program we will want to talk to you before you take this training seminar to try and be certain as we can that this program is right for you right now.


Our experience suggest you should only phone us if you can agree with these statements:

I understand that the lightning process is a training program and not a therapy or treatment. AGREE / DISAGREE

The process or trainer will not FIX you. We will however teach you the strategies which have others have used to recover from their M.E etc.

I understand that learning the lightning process therefore does not guarantee me any results. AGREE / DISAGREE

This is because it's a training program. We will train you in the same way as everybody else who's found this approach the key to moving their lives on. But we can't predict whether you will apply the training to your life or not.

I accept full responsibility for the effects of applying or not applying this training program to my life. AGREE / DISAGREE

I recognise that the mind and body can powerfully influence each other. AGREE / DISAGREE

I am prepared to look at and challenge my beliefs about my condition/illness, my health and myself. AGREE / DISAGREE

I am totally prepared to do the sometimes-challenging work of starting to think very differently that's required to get myself back on track. AGREE / DISAGREE

Oh dear, oh dear!

Take a look at the courses offered to train in the Lightning Process at The European College of Holistic Medicine. A snip at £3300. And then you can set up your own practise and begin to part patients from their money.

Guess I'm just a cynic!


Robyn said...

Yeah! That would be right! I fly half way around the world to get the cool breezes and it waits until I am back in Oz before it snows. Dear me!

Serena said...

In my opinion, the List of conditions that the Lightning Process is supposed to work for rather undermines some of their claims about treating ME as a physical condition.

It looks much like the usual list of relatively low grade, chronic, psychiatric and stress related conditions, plus ME, that is used by so many quack therapists.

aje said...

"Our courses are not Mickey Mouse." The European College of Holistic Medicine is a business, run by a man who has a history of bankrupt businesses. All his courses are made-up subjects that don't exist elsewhere. He's the Del Boy Trotter of alternative therapy.