Monday, June 18, 2007

This and that

Thought I was getting RSI as have pain in right hand. But now I notice a bruise erupting. No idea what I've done to my hand, but I always seem to be walking into things, so probably I just hit it and didn't notice.

Some more nice yarn came from Get Knitted last week. There was another Get Knitted pen, so John is happy as he has his own now and doesn't have to keep filching mine. They are really good writers, unlike the majority of ball point pens in the house. Also a fruit pop lollipop, which I have an idea for.

More yarn goodies

I thought I might makes some socks for Mum from the multicoloured alpaca. The purple I obviously had something in mind for Sarah, but I've forgotten what. Another time I must make a note of what I was thinking of doing!

Was going to order a swift and some more yarn, but with my debit card stopped it would mean using credit card which I am not keen to do. Just hope the new card arrives soon!

I've started swatching the Trekking, but the needles are too big for it, giving too loose a fabric. But I'm keeping going for now as I thought I might make a small bag with it so as not to waste all that effort. I'm really enjoying the colour changes, the resulting fabric positively glows, though my photo doesn't really do it justice.

2007 06 18 June swatch again 001

It's on 3mm dpns, so will try 2.5 next, unless I can find some smaller ones in my stash of needles that came from Auntie Gertie. That's if I can actually lay my hands on my needle bag at all - the room that is supposed to be my "workroom" is so crammed with stuff it's hard to find anything!

This afternoon we have an appointment with Mum's consultant. John swapped shifts so is working 7-3 today so we have time to get to the hospital for 4.30. I am dreading the meeting.


Mary said...

How did it go?

cusp said...

Hi Maggie, Hope the meeting wasn't too bad. I remember them as gruelling and confusing. Hope you or John made some notes and that your Mum's situation can be sorted out for the greatest benefit for all of you.

Thinking of you all.

peri said...

Lovely yarn haul!

Hope all went well with the consultant.

Probably Jane said...

Hi Maggie

I'm impressed witht the sock swatching. My favourite needles size for socks is 2.25mm. I know that sounds small but the firmer the fabric the better for socks as it wears better if the fibres are locked together and don't have the chance to rub up against each other. A sock should also have about 10% negative ease so that it grips and doesn't flop about! This size of needles can be a bit tricky to find sometimes so let me know and I'm sure I can fish you out a set if you need it.

Jane the sock adddict.