Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mum admitted to hospital

Did a bit of gardening today, here's my view of the yard from my seat in the corner.

Yard from my seat

Mum rang early yesterday morning (7.30am), complaining the pain was very bad and wanting John to go over to let the doctor in. John is working full time, so said he couldn't. "Why can't Margaret come over?" I've been disabled for 15 years, and at present I can't drive either.

Mum has never accepted that I am disabled, we presume she thinks I'm just lazy. But the truth of the matter is I can't even look after myself properly on a day to day basis, so I certainly can't look after anyone who needs physical help.

Lunchtime I had a phone call from one of Mum's GPs. He was concerned that she needed more help than she was getting. I told him that we were concerned too, that we'd visited on Sunday. I also told him that John works full time and I'm disabled myself, so it's not really possible for us to do more to help than we've been doing.

And that Mum was assessed by Social Services when Dad went into hospital, but had refused all the help that was suggested and offered. I don't want my parents' GPs thinking we're uncaring - just the way things are - we are overwhelmed at the moment.

Mum was to be admitted to hospital for assessment. She needs to be encouraged to be more mobile despite the back pain, or she is likely to lose her mobility. The GP recognised that she isn't coping well alone, but I wonder if he realises quite how fast she has lost that ability.

He admitted he didn't really know her, this was only the second time he's seen her. And since he did a home visit it's possible he wasn't able to access her notes before the visit - I imagine it was taken as being relatively urgent (not actually life-threatening, but high pain levels). I also asked if she had mentioned seeing people in the flat - he said she had, but was oriented. John's written the surgery twice about this, but we have no idea if they have had the letters or done anything about it.

I worry Mum may be suffering from depression, reaction to everything that's happened since mid February.

John phoned the hospital soon after he got in from work yesterday, around 6pm. Mum had only been admitted a bit after 5 so was on the Clinical Decisions Unit. We had a brief meal and he headed over to the hospital. They will keep her in overnight, and intend to do back and hip X-rays. They also think she's maybe dehydrated so are setting up a drip. John was there when the doc came to see Mum.

I phoned this morning about 11.30. Not a lot of news, but was able to ask them to tell Mum I'd called. They say she will be moved some time today, but don't know when or where yet. Am leaving it for John to call when he gets in from work.

Spent some time sitting in the back yard under the parasol and watching the insects. And planning and plotting what most needs doing in terms of potting on, moving plants and so on.


John called the hospital this evening when he got in from work. Mum has been transferred to a different ward. He managed to get through to them, and they will tell her he rang and sends love from us both. Her X-rays are fine, no breaks. John will visit tomorrow, am hoping to go too, but will have to wait and see how things are when the time comes.

Iris bud

I think this bud is an iris. Need to split the plant when it's finished flowering. Would love to get some of these established at the caravan.

The first Peace rose is over now, but we still have a bud in waiting. Here's the last photo of it.

Peace rose


Mary said...

is it possible that your mum is more likely to be convinced to accept the help available by the hospital, than by you and John?

You know, the whole authority-figure thing, the "these people know what they're talking about" aspect.

Maggie said...

Hi Mary, I sure hope so! When John phoned yesterday they said she was confused and was she usually like that? Guess the answer is intermittantly. Some days she seems fine, then she will have a bad day. At least she will be properly assessed now. Think we'll try and get an appt with her consultant as soon as we can.

cusp said...

Soory to hear your Mum's in hospital but it sounds like she's in the best place at the moment --also it means you can feel she's safe and being looked after. An appt. with the Consultant sounds a good idea and maybe a chat with the hospital social worker to do an assessment of her needs for when she returns home.

Take care and give yoursaelf time to 'smell the roses' --literally and metaphorically.

Maggie said...

Hi Cusp, thanks for your suggestions. We are currently between a rock and a hard place. Things are going badly but can't really blog about it at present.

But we are taking time to smell the roses. :-) (well go to clubs and listen to punk rock bands in John's case!)

seahorse said...

Hi there. Sorry about your mum's fall but hope things will improve with some good district nursing once she's out. My gran had a fall this time last year. It can take a while to recover, but a social services needs assessment plus maybe a psycho geriatrician assessment (when she's up to it) could be useful. Thanks for shedding light on my plant. You were right!