Monday, June 18, 2007

Sad, angry, confused

but happy to get a picture on way to hospital to see Mum's Consultant.


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cusp said...

Oh Maggie, I've just been over to Mary's to read about the meeting and it sounds ghastly. Sounds all too familiar though.

If the Home will accept people like your Mum (if they're geared up for it in terms of staff and expertise) it may be the best thing to put Mum and Dad together. Maybe they could have a room together or next to each other. I've seen that work well before. It would also mean that for you, you wouldn't have to shuttle between 2 locations when visiting (we had to do that and it was exhausting).

I do hope things can be worked out soon. Get all the help you can and lean on the Social Workers as much as poss. Are you in touch with your local Alzheimer's group ? -- they can be very helpful and supportive with all sorts of confusion and dementia issues -- not just classic Alz. Also try Age Concern and see if they have a dedicated dementia support team.

Thinking of you.