Thursday, August 07, 2008

Abersoch eventually

For anyone curious, you can see the details of my parents' flat here. And yes, as it says, we have had an offer. Not counting any chickens yet as the surveyor is still to go in.

We finally got down here to the caravan lateish on Sunday. We've been eating courgettes ever since! Unfortunately we won't be eating them for much longer, as both plants only seem to be putting out female flowers, so unless there's some other plants nearby it seems unlikely that the flowers will get fertilised.

Tomatoes are all still green, but John was reliably informed that nobody round here has any red ones yet.

The passion flower behind the shed is doing really well.

Passion flowers

The hydrangea at the side of the shed (on the patio side) has HUGE flowers this year. There are loads more buds coming, so I'll probably cut the first blush off and take them to Mary (MIL) to give the new buds a bit more space.

Blue hydrangea

There's a really strange hole in the ground beside the shed on the field side. Anyone have any idea what it is? Looks too big for a mouse or an insect to me. A mole maybe? The white thing is an IKEA night light to give sense of scale for those who are unfamiliar with inches.

Weird hole in the ground

We seem to have mislaid the life jackets, so Sarah has bought us some new ones. We'll check the flat and the house, I'm sure they will turn up eventually, and will be useful as spares.

The sailors did two races yesterday... Came last in the first one, and next to last (improvement!) in the second.

We seem to have fewer butterflies this year, but it has been rather damp most of the time so far. Plenty of cabbage whites, but only seen one peacock and one red admiral. And a fritillary, and one of those orange and brown ones that I can never tell what it is - you have to count the spots in a wing spot and they usually fly away before you get a chance!

hydrangea close up

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flat up for sale eventually

We are supposed to be in Abersoch now, but I am too knackered to make it, hopefully later today.

Friday John began his holiday, we went to one of the 3 estate agents who valued my parents' flat for us, and it's now on the market. Or it will be when the HIP is paid for.

I'm looking forward to getting back - to check the tomatoes and courgettes and see the flowers. Here's how it all looked a week ago.

Patio from back steps