Friday, June 22, 2007


variegated Felicia single flower

We seem to have had a lot of rain again. But I got photos in the yard yesterday and the day before between showers. Today the camera batteries went flat after only a few snapshots, and the torrential rain started before I could swap them for a freshly charged set.

Mossy bowl

The so-called sock swatch has grown somewhat, though I haven't worked on it today. I'm thinking of making it into a small bag. I hate casting on so much that I couldn't bear to rip this out even when I knew it was wrong for socks.

The sock swatch grows

It's been one of those days when everyone seems to decide to phone me, or I have to phone people. First came a spam phone call trying to sell me something. Then I had to phone my bank to turn on my new debit card. Then I had to phone to explain why my card didn't work and give them the new number. Then Sarah rang to say the hot water at the caravan had been fixed. Then John phoned (twice!). And then Herby came round.

Am knackered now!



talj said...

Sounds like you have had a busy day and the Garden certainly doesn't look any worse for all the rain! Lovely photos! :o)

peri said...

I'm not a great gardener (other than veggies) but I do enjoy your photos. I think the picture of the pink is absolutely beautiful.

seahorse said...

Lovely pictures. Not had a chance here. It's been a deluge