Tuesday, May 29, 2007

John went to Abersoch yesterday

All photos in this post taken by John, and used with his permission.

I have been gifted with a cold from John's work again. Feeling better now than I did this morning, but still worse than I did yesterday. Still haven't got out to buy seeds yet, should have bought online. Maybe will yet!

John had a swim yesterday morning, and then brought me breakfast in bed before heading off to Abersoch to visit the caravan and see how it had weathered the winter.


Some of the plants are doing really well.


But the oregano always seems to thrive!


So far it looks as if there are 3 buds coming on the agapanthus, but more may appear still if last year is anything to go by.

Hydrangea by the shed

This hydrangea has some good looking buds coming. This is the one we "pruned" at the end of last season, and took the flowers to GranMary in the rehab nursing home she was in following her op last summer (she's back home now). I hope we get such beautifully coloured flowers this year.

Some plants aren't doing quite so well!

herbs on table

These were left on the table over the winter. I think the greenest one may be chocolate mint. The twiggy one with a few green shoots is Blackcurrant Sage I think, and others are maybe thyme (looks totally dead) and Curry Plant (which looks a bit questionable as to life). Ah well, yer win some, yer loose some.

There are two new caravans at the bottom of the field. These are called 14 & 15, there isn't a 13.

New caravans

The row of tall trees behind the site have been chopped down over the winter. This should make a lot of the site much sunnier I think, especially late afternoon and evening in autumn time. Here's what it looks like now looking up the field across our neighbour's area.

Looking across next door plot to top of field

Oh yeah, as well as the 2 new caravans we have a track down the rest of the field now too.

More track on field

But the lushness of our bit of hedge hopefully makes up for the loss of grass.


I wonder how the bunnies are doing this year - forgot to ask John last night, and he may not have remembered to ask the rest of the folks on the site. Looking at my plants, I think maybe there are fewer than last year. Time will tell!


cusp said...

Oh it looks so beautiful there ---especially the views. Wish I could stay there. We've been thinking about a caravan but, never having done it, we were hesitant. Maybe the answer to all my woes of staying in self-catering places and then ending up in bed for days with all the chemicals from other people's cleaning.

Your plants will be OK. We hacked our lilac tree about last year and thought we'd been too harsh and they're fine.

We always had 'Peace' at home too. Seems to have gone out of fashion a bit but I still love it. Last year we planted 7 climbing roses for our anniversary and they're just coming into bloom.

Hope your cold gets better soon

Mary Anne said...

It's look like a warm and welcoming place to be and the view of the water is lovely. I hope you will be able to enjoy a long visit there.

Reading the Signs said...

Hi maggie, your caravan place looks absolutely gorgeous.

Glad you appreciated my "verse", just spotted your comment which I must have missed first time round.

Hope your cold doesn't misbehave as much as mine has done.

Greetings from about-to-be-sunny-Sussex