Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rose and more flowers

The second bloom of the year is opening on the Peace Rose.

Peace rose

I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing the flowers that emerge from this bud. It's the first flower from plants from seed that came from the first flowers on the Abersoch agapanthus. Urk, that's a really badly formed sentence!

Agapanthus bud

The yard is full of flowers, overflowing. Lovely to clamber down the steps and look at the colour and enjoy.

Lilies are doing well!

There are a couple of campion plants that hitched a lift back from the caravan. It would be lovely if they got established in the yard.

Red Campion

We have a variegated ivy growing on the yard walls, and the campanula has seeded itself amongst it. I love to see plants breaking away from the "flower beds" and escape into other environments. We have a few escapees of the campanula on the outside of our walls too.

Campanula growing amid ivy

This is one of my favourite plants - Felicia. We brought this back from the caravan last year, to give it a break from the marauding bunnies. Love the colour of the flowers combined with the variegated leaves.

Felicia in blue pot

On the knitting front I'm swatching at the mo. No pictures as it's all a bit of a mess. Maybe tomorrow!

Peace rose is a bit ragged on its outer petals, but these will be hidden as the flower opens fully.

Peace rose from above


Probably Jane said...

Hi Maggie
Lovely garden. I loved your photo of the campion best of all. Looking forward to seeing what you're swatching. Have you got the wheel out of the loft yet?

Doug Green said...

I liked that variegated Felicia - haven't seen one of those on this side of the pond. I'll have to start looking harder.