Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Peace too

Peace Rose

Was shattered after the meeting with Mum's consultant and the journey there and back on Monday. We had a number of family (and one friend) phone calls to make after it. I spent most of yesterday in bed, just going out with the camera to get some photos of the plants and flowers in our garden.

fern fronds unrolling

Fern fronds uncoiling

Mum's consultant was very helpful and informative, and didn't pull any punches. He said that the physiotherapists might get in touch with us, either when we visit (unlikely as we're only going at weekends or evenings) or maybe by phone. Mum has been refusing to walk with the Physios, will only walk with the nurses.

We have a lot to think about, but Mum will be observed for another couple of weeks. So we have a little calm before the (possible) storm. So I am making the effort to go out into the yard every day (unless it's really chucking it down of course!) to take photos of the flowers.


Lilies - this pot full is doing better than the other pest wise for some reason. Suspect it gets a bit more sun. John picked a load of snails off the lilies this morning, brought out by the thundery rain yesterday evening I expect.

Haven't managed to catch any photos of the insects yet! We've been getting loads of bees in the campanula, if we get a day warm enough to sit out for a while I hope I can catch a few pictures.

Corner of yard from above

Campanula growing amidst the variegated ivy

John's caught two mouses in the kitchen, but clear 2 nights now I think. So we'll set the trap in the yard again just in case there's still a nest out there. Then I suppose we should set in the shed (just in case). I think we're in the market for half a dozen mousetraps!

Pink strawberry flowers

Pink strawberry flowers

Come the evening I leaned out of the bathroom window and took yard photos from the first floor (think that will be second floor for any US readers? cos our Ground Floor is your first floor? confused in Liverpool!)

Yard from above

You can see the width of the end of the yard, and that shiny crinkly stuff in the extreme lower left corner is the corrugated plastic roof on the corner of our (lean to) shed.

Backyard from above again

This one shows from the kitchen steps down into the yard and to the back wall looking almost straight down from the bathroom window. Every time I write that I think of the Beatles - "She came in through the bathroom window..." The purple monstrosity is our wheelie bin. At least it gives us a high up surface to keep my day lily seedlings on!

Day lily seedlings

These are the lilies seen from the bathroom window.

Lilies from the bathroom window

And here's my favourite photo, the Peace Rose from above - I love the sort of spirally pattern in the middle. And the colours. And it's beautiful scent.



seahorse said...

These are really lovely pics maggie and I'm glad you got some straight talk with the consultant. I really should get out in my garden again and see what I can do out there. My buddleia is now just a huge hulking mass of green. I've been reading up and apparently they can take quite savage pruning, if I can find a savage pruner :-)

Mary said...

you have a lovely garden - but then, you knew that :)

Big hope that your mum will get the care she needs.

talj said...

What a beautiful garden you have! I have just started a small garden on my balcony and I love it!

I hope that things with your Mum get better or at least sorted out soon.

Your photos are lovely, I'll be sure to keep popping back to see how your garden is getting along :o)

Mary Anne said...

You have such beautiful flowers and it was nice to see photos of your yard.

I do hope things work out well for you mum and all concerned.

Nicola said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your comment at my blog - it is a lovely sock pattern I'm really enjoying working on it. I think the socks would look lovely in most colours - variegated blues would definitely be good though.
Your garden is very beautiful, at the moment I have a small yard type garden as well, it'd be lovely if one day mine could look as nice as yours :)