Thursday, June 07, 2007

Stupid teenagers

I've had to make a lot of phone calls today. After a long (but nice) chat with Mary (Ma-in-Law) I realised that my feet were absolutely freezing, so I came back upstairs and climbed under the bed covers to try and warm my feet up a bit.

For this to make sense you need to know that I live on a busy but narrow road, we have constant traffic, and lots of nee-naws, both med and police.

About 4.15pm there was something of a racket outside, with some laughter. I don't know quite why I bothered, but something disturbed me about it. I staggered to the window and looked down on 3 teenage boys (14? 15?) pointing up the hill and laughing.

I looked up the hill, and saw one lad catching another by the throat from behind, and then throwing him to the ground, very close to the kerb, between that and my neighbour's car (we have special dispensation to park on the pavement here for what you might term historical reasons). The other 3 lads were laughing.

The attacker then kicked the grounded lad in the small of his back at least twice and then looked as if he was about to punch him in the head. By then I had the window open, smacked it hard several times to get their attention, and yelled at them out of the window. They slouched off round the corner, but I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't shouted.

Four stupid kids, and seems the fifth wasn't much less stupid, as he got up and walked off with the rest.

I wonder if I should contact the local schools. Apart from feeling the attack looked quite murderous, if they were just "messing about" it really isn't safe to do it that close (we're talking about 6inches from the edge of the road here) to the road, certainly not on such a busy road as this.

Mostly I try and stay out of situations like this, but I was scared that kid was going to be seriously injured or worse. And that's why I shouted. But they know where I live. Suspect there may be ongoing problems from this.


Digitalesse said...

I really hate this culture of antisocial behaviour. It's everywhere. I'm sorry you had to witness it.

cusp said...

It seems ridiculous to have to be scared of what amounts to a silly group of boys but that *is* how it feel nowadays. Any scolding of anti-social behaviour or intervention for the best of reasons (e.g. approaching a lost child) seems fraught with danger and misinterpreted intentions.

You did the right thing. Try not to be fearful of the consequences.

peri said...

It's terrible that as adults there are times when we fear children/teens because of the possible consequences if we say what we think or do what is right.

I live somewhere really quite and yet a lot of the local people feel intimidated by groups of teens who jeer and catcall - I hate the lack of respect and manners.

The Angry Medic said...

Aww...I'm completely in agreement with the nice people above. I hate this sort of antisocial behaviour - it didn't use to be like this in Britain.

Ah well. You take care of yourself though. I doubt the yobs will try anything 'cos of the high density of nee-naws in the area, so don't worry and don't be fearful. And if anything DOES happen, remember you have a very angry medic on your side :)