Saturday, March 26, 2005

Whatever happened to the week?

Gosh, I can't believe it's nearly a week since I posted on here!

Not had a very good week I'm afraid. John decided to forego his trip to the Norfolk Broads as I was feeling so fragile over last weekend. Monday the weather was nice, so foolishly I swept up some stuff in the yard. I've been paying for that most of the week. But the yard is moving along, John disposed of some old and shattering plastic planters and swept up around the (ghastly purple!) wheelie bin. We just need to move some of the pots around a bit and finish sweeping up, then John can water the nematodes that are sitting in the fridge at the moment into the tiny border and the various pots. Die slugs!

I managed to pot on one houseplant - a sort of bamboo-ish plant that came in a beautiful arrangement of growing plants from some friends as a memorial when John's Dad died.

I also finished potting up the 6 Gold Lace Primulas that I had as plugs from Thompson and Morgan. They were beginning to need watering twice a day, so I figured it was time to move them on as I just don't have the energy for that right now. Seeing as the weather was so mild I put them on the new steps to begin hardening off. Needless to say I forgot to bring them in on the first night, so I've left them out ever since. I think they look reasonably healthy.

Some of the dwarf irises that I finally finished planting a couple of weeks ago are just beginning to show. They arrived before Christmas, but with one thing and another I didn't get around to potting them, so was worried they would all be dead. I hope that more than the 3 or 4 that are showing in a couple of pots get around to growing.

Still haven't progressed my Bed drawing for the Everyday Matters Group any further, maybe later today. Just had lead legs so badly all week that I've mostly stayed in bed upstairs, with forays downstairs for food (and coffee!) of course! Am trying out Wiltshire Farm Foods, just need micro-waving, or can cook in conventional oven too. They're OK, but not as nice as proper home cooking! Still, very useful to have in the freezer so that I can have more regular meals than I have done for ages.

John has spent most of the week finishing off the re-pointing on the side of the house, started in about 1997 I think! Plus replaced a broken cast iron air vent to under the floor with the air brick that Herby took out of the bathroom wall to install the extractor fan. He's also been in touch with the Insurance Company about the void that has opened up under our front step. Jeesh, there's always something with houses! The roof has some slipped tiles too, been waiting for attention for nearly 2 years now. Hence damp in the corner of what was Helen's room and is now supposed to be my work room, but it's currently a total junk room.

And yesterday he went over to West Kirby to complete the sale of Dad's car. I'm glad that's done and dusted, and I'm sure my parents are too. We are having lunch with them tomorrow, so I'm trying to rest up a bit today. Plus Sarah is arriving from the Broads early this evening, John plans to cook a roast chicken with stuffing. Mmmmm, onion, garlic, bacon, mushrooms, lemon juice and breadcrumbs, maybe an egg to bind it... My mouth is watering already!


Carolyn said...

Thanx for the comment! I will definitely see if I can get my hands on the sequel to "I Capture the Castle." I'll probably be able to get it online somewhere.

Carolyn said...

Thanx for the comment! I will definitely see if I can get my hands on the sequel to "I Capture the Castle." I'll probably be able to get it online somewhere.

Hellkitten said...

Hi Maggie! First of all thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement you've been putting on my blog. Second of all ... and I am *so* excited about this I might burst ... I was reading about your 'ghastly purple' wheelie bin and was planning to send you a link to a place that sells those wheelie bin covers that disguise it amongst your ivy etc - anyway I was searching on google and found something that is so much better and just the perfect thing for a creative and colourful soul like you:
I think you'll find that your only problem is chosing which one to have!
Take care
H xx