Friday, March 11, 2005

Drawing my bed

I decided there was no way I could draw my bed direct from life, as there's nowhere to sit down for the angle I am after. So I took a lot of digital photos with the idea of collaging them together. Initially I thought I would do from full size A4 prints, but I'm too mean to use as much good paper as that! So I printed off a set of contact prints and spent some time yesterday afternoon cutting them up and gluing them down! It's kinda worked, but I'm missing some areas.

Since then I have discovered the tripod we have for a telescope is suitable for use with my digital camera. It has a plastic piece that gives a quick release facility. It was just a matter of taking that off the telescope and screwing it to my camera. So now I'm inclined to try the camera's stitch facility with a new set of photos. Maybe. It rather depends on how the time goes.

I am hoping to get to see my GP again this evening about my dizzyness. I saw her back in January, when she suggested I should get my eyes retested. To be honest I wasn't best pleased about this, as they were only tested last June. But made the best of a bad job and coughed up the requisite £22 (or rather John did!). Basically the optician couldn't find any reason for my dizzyness, and said my eyes hadn't changed sufficiently to need new glasses. So now I get to go back to my GP and ask her what next?

The other thing that she seemed disturbed about was that I arrived in a wheelchair. She immediately started making the usual comments - oh you'll get deconditioned. At the time we were more concerned about getting the dizzyness sorted out, so we didn't manage to make it clear that I only use the wheelchair to extend what I can do. This is something that I need to emphasize if I get to see her this evening. Which I won't find out till later as John has to phone the surgery at 2.30 to try and get an appointment.

Good news is that I got my first order from Wiltshire Farm Foods this morning. I completely forgot they were coming today, so had to yell out of the window to say I was on my way down. Found that John hadn't drawn back the curtains downstairs before he left this morning, so all a bit dim downstairs! Might try one of the meals after my bath, quite fance the sound of the Lemon and Ginger Chicken...

Oh, and before I forget, it's Red Nose Day today.

Anyway, I'd better go and get a bath so I have time to recover before I have to get dressed.

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