Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My weekend... or not as the case may be!

My weekend entry just got lost in cyberspace - curses!!! Too tired to re-write fully now.

If I can manage it you might see a picture here...

shell planter

If this works, it's a picture of a planter John bought for me in our local Oxfam Shop on Saturday afternoon. We got a parking ticket in the 20 minutes we were parked outside, despite displaying my Blue Badge and the clock they give you. We think the traffic warden is in error, so will be appealing this.

We did a marathon shop (for me anyway!) on Saturday. Garden centre for primroses, and also irises that John has already planted to replace the ornamental cabbages in the pot of various plants by the front door. Then to Oxfam shop, then on into town where we dropped Sarah off fairly close to the station and we retraced our steps back up to reach TJ Hughes.

Mum needed a new hand bag, so I said I'd try and find one for her. Was lucky, got a nice big but light one in black leather. She is very pleased with it. I'm glad I got something right!

We also purchased a a set of 3 pyrex dishes, a new steamer, and some filters for our Britta water filter - water seems very over-chlorinated at the mo, prob because they are working on the mains - roads are up all around us. Oh, and John got some jeans for £4... He hasn't tried them on yet, I hope they fit! If not I guess he can always take them back.

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