Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Blood taken today

John took an early extended lunch hour to take me to the York Centre so that I could have blood drawn. The phlebotomist was very cheerful, and took blood completely painlessly. Results should be through in about a week. Walking back to the car afterwards we could hear a blackbird singing his heart out in a tree on the edge of the cemetary. We speculated that he was saying something like "I am the biggest and best blackbird all you males stay away this is my territory and I will duff you up if you come onto my patch".

Driving round Sefton Park we had 2 close encounters with cars whose drivers didn't know what Give Way signs were. Stopped off by the lake for a bit, without thinking I held camera out of the window to try and get a better picture of the lake, and disturbed the flock of pigeons that were feeding on the ground in front of us.

Tried taking photos of our irises by the front door, but got in too close so not very good photos. Been playing with one in Picasa2, and I think it's made a sort of interesting image.


Claire said...

Hi, Love your gardening shots :-) That is the tiniest iris I've ever seen. Do you know the name of it?


Maggie said...

This isn't really the iris - it's a sort of double exposure if you see what I mean.

But I finally found the card with the name on, and it's called Harmony. We also bought a deep purple one of a similar size, and that one's called George! Sound like a married couple don't they?!