Tuesday, July 03, 2007


They are digging up the road right beneath our bedroom window as I type this. The noise is unbelievable, hope it doesn't go on for long. Ah well, most of the rest of Liverpool is a building site, so why should things be different for me.


I've seen both Mum and Dad a couple of times since I last wrote here. Mum is behaving as bizarrely as ever, Sunday she hardly noticed we were there once we had made it clear we weren't taking her home. She went and talked to the lady in the bed opposite, she seemed to think they were related.

The week before she refused to say Hello to John, and after barely acknowledging me said "I hope you're feeling guilty". I replied "I've nothing to feel guilty about, Mum."

"What about how you treated your sister?" (I'm an only child) She keeps insisting her father is alive, and when John asked last week if she'd like to visit her husband she said "I don't have a husband".

New building and crane

So we left before visiting time finished, and went to see Dad. He had only returned to the nursing home on Saturday after a week in hospital being treated for pneumonia. At least Mum had a few visits with him while he was in. He was very tired, so we chatted for about half an hour and then he asked to lie down (they had to bring in a hoist to move him to the bed) and went to sleep. So we left then.

Near Old Hall Street

On to the flat, where I sorted some of Mum's clothes to bring home and wash. I did the first batch of washing yesterday, it's a bit damp still, but if John takes it back to the flat this evening after visiting Dad I guess he could hang it up to air there. Next load is in the machine now, so hopefully will be ready to take back on Thursday.

Herb Robert

Mostly it's been too wet to get out into the garden much. But I can report that the flower on my agapanthus grown from seed has begun to open. I haven't got a picture of it open yet though (been too wet when I've had both the time and the energy recently), but here it is about a week ago.

Agapanthus in bud

Not done much knitting since I last posted. I cast off half the stitches on my sock swatch bag (this is the stage in the photo, the needle poked through the body of the bag is just to stop the edge curling), and have continued on the rest to make a flap. I'm not enormously pleased with it, so think I might rip out the flap. But I'm going to think about it for a while, so the ten remaining stitches are languishing on a stitch holder until I make my mind up!

sock swatch bag

It's quite fun trying to decide how to proceed. Currently I'm thinking of edging the flap with garter stitch, but I don't want to rush at it this time! I've found the perfect button for the bag, so I'm sure I'll get going on it again soon.

I finally ordered a swift which arrived last Wednesday, but it took me till yesterday to get organised enough to try it out. So I wound my first cake of yarn (artesano alpaca hummingbird, colour Lovebird) yesterday evening, and I think it looks very pretty. Will be casting on this evening I hope!

First yarn cake

Thank you everyone who has left comments. I am finding life quite difficult at the moment, so mostly don't have time to reply, or to leave comments on other blogs. Mum is to be assessed soon for discharge. Obviously I am rather worried about it all. And the emotional upsets are taking their toll on my energy levels and capability to get stuff done. It is all just so utterly draining.

Friday around 4.30pm John had a phone call from a social worker (they always seem to ring around 5 on a Friday, rather like DWP and DLA stuff always arrives in Saturday's post), saying that a psychiatrist would see Mum on Monday, but we haven't managed to find out anything about that yet. The nurses we spoke to on Saturday didn't know anything about it. We are waiting to hear from her consultant's secretary, who John contacted yesterday. The staff on the ward aren't allowed to tell you anything over the phone (apart from a brief "bulletin") because of the Data Protection Act.

This is what I had for lunch today.

Comfort Food

comfort food


talj said...

My it certainly sounds like you have got your hands full at the moment! {{HUGS}} to you. I hope that everything with you Mum's assessment goes well and that they do whats best for all concerned!

Your photos are lovely and both flowers look very pretty!

Take care x

peri said...

You do have youe hands full! It is so difficult to deal with a parent who is mentally unwell especially if they physical illness as well. I used to have days when I'd not want to wake up and face it but amazed myself by the inner strength I found to deal with it all. Knitting always helped me focus and let some of the hurt disapate.

{{{hugs}}} and warm thoughts to you from a wet and dull Brighton.

Mary said...

oh Maggie. I'm so sorry life is happening at you like this at the moment.

I'm glad you updated though, we do care :)

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hey, that's one of my favourite comfort foods too!

I followed a link here from Lady Bracknell's blog.

Hope things go well for you.

Libbys Blog said...

It must be so difficult for you. I can understand how the stress and worry must be wearing you out. Take solice in your blog. Its good to talk. {{hugs}}

Digitalesse said...

Sorry to hear of your ongoing worries with your parents. My sister takes care of my elderly mother who is now in full time care, but even so, it's still a huge burden of responsiblity. It must be a constant worry for you, with two parents in need of care.

Pneumatic drills outside your window are the worst, aren't they? I was surrounded by a demolition/building site for a few years and these days whenever I hear reversing beeps and the clanging of scaffolding poles I want to scream.

I really enjoyed your photos of Liverpool. Thanks for the sightseeing trip!

Probably Jane said...

Warm thoughts from London. Do take good care of yourself as well as your loved ones.

Of all your photos I love the simple one of the Herb Robert the best

Philip. said...

Great blog!

I hope you don't mind but I've added a link to it on my blog :-)