Thursday, July 05, 2007

Latest news is depressing but the sock begins to look good!

Lovebird socks 1

John phoned soon after 1pm to say he finally managed to speak to Dr S' (Mum's consultant) secretary. She told him Mum has been labelled (can't think of the official word just now - classified?) EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm). So she can't go to the same nursing home as Dad, unless we can find a home that is dual registered - both Nursing and EMI.

God(dess) knows what will happen now, but it's probably going to be both a lot of physical and mental work, accompanied by much soul searching and angst.

At least I've made a start on washing Mum's clothes, now must order name tags (handy hint from a nice lady called Ann we met on the flat's car park just over a week ago) and start sewing them into her clothes.

Meanwhile the knitting continues.

Lovebird socks 2

My gauge/tension is badly off, it's supposed to be 26 stitches to 10 cm, and I am getting 24. So the sock is larger than it should be, but I'm not going to frog it now, unless I make a major mistake. Supremely possible!


seahorse said...

My gran has just been diagnosed too. It's hard to take in, even when you know really because the behaviour has been there for a long time. My mum is coping very well considering she has me to help out as well, and she has a major health condition herself.
I think what was said by Peri after your last post about inner strength is very true though. You find reserves you didn't know you had some days. Love your latest photos, take care (((()))

talj said...

Sorry to hear your news today, I can only imagine how distressing it is for you to think about where your Mum will be able to stay. Will be thinking of you and John and hoping that you manage to work things out for the best {{HUGS}} x