Friday, July 27, 2007

Parents re-united hopefully

This evening John has driven over to fetch Dad from the Nursing Home he was in to take him to the Nursing Home where Mum is. We hope getting them back together will be better for them both. We did manage to ask (with some difficulty) if that's what they want, and they do. Time will tell. It's a six week trial at the mo to see if it works out for both them and the nursing home.

I am still washing clothes and sewing labels in. I am cheating and just using a laundry marker when there's some sort of tag I can write on. I find the stitching hard work, and it's making my eyes feel googley. It feels rather like getting clothes together for a school trip or Guide Camp. Very strange.

Popped out into the yard earlier and pruned the Mock Orange quite viciously. But it began to rain again while I was out there, so I may have to try and make sure I've been vicious enough! Wanted to be sure I got it done before we go on holiday - though still not sure when/if we'll get away.

No photos today as all the ones I had on the card got degraded and undownloadable. :-( Not sure why, but maybe magnetised sewing stuff when I was bringing it back from the flat. Stupidly I put it in my handbag with the camera - I am not thinking straight at all at present. I had to reformat the card but it seems to be working now. Touch wood!

I have been tagged, but will have to come back to that later. It's so long since I posted I've been getting cold feet about posting anything. So much has happened over the last few weeks that I feel I haven't even caught up with most of it myself.

Thanks for all comments, I really appreciate them. I wish I could reply to each comment, but at the moment "Life" is just happening too much.


Mary said...

Best of luck that this will work well for both of them, and indeed for you and John. *hugs*

Libbys Blog said...

Post when you feel ready too! No stress allowed!!!!! lol!! easier said than done!!!

cusp said...

Sorry Maggie, the tag is my fault but ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE !:-) Do it when and if you feel like it.

Oh God I remember the packing up and labelling of belongings too, too well. It was then that I really realised that the parent/child relationship had swung around. As you say it's just like preparing for a school trip. It's very sad and emotionally gut wrenching. I really feel for you all.

As I said before I have seen the married-couple-together-in-a-Home work very well in the past. At last they have their other half. After all if you've spent more than half your lifetime with someone and you are already confused, it must be all the more confusing to lose your partner.

I really hope it works out well for everyone and will be thinking of you.

Hope too that you can get away for a little breather.

Take good care of yourself dear.

We're all here for you

Probably Jane said...

Gosh you have been dealing with a lot recently - hope things go well for all of you from now on.

Mary Anne said...

I hope things go well for everyone concerned and I hope you take some time for yourself too.