Thursday, July 05, 2007

Agapanthus and other stuff

I sneaked out between showers to take some photos of my Agapanthus. It's exciting to me as I grew this plant from seed from our Abersoch Agapanthus. And this is the first year to get flowers.

Agapanthus flower - grown from seed

John just phoned to say Mum hasn't been assessed yet. According to the nursing staff at the hospital. It does make life even more difficult when you get different messages from different agencies. So I guess we're back to waiting to know what the hell is going on again.

I shall keep knitting, and probably adding to the yarn stash as a stress busting technique. ;-) Have my eye on several nice skeins of yarn! But must be sensible! But not too sensible!


cusp said...

This is the most beautiful plant and aren't you the clever one to grow it from seed. I'm tempted to get one for ourselves now.

The parental situation sounds complicated so I hope you can chill out with your knitting and get some quiet time.

Thinking of you :-)

Dame Honoria Glossop said...

That is a beautiful plant.

Hope things get resolved for you soon.

Mary Anne said...

Beautiful flowers. Do keep adding to the yarn stash. Knitting is a stress buster, besides being fun.

talj said...

Sorry to hear Mum's assessment hasnt been done yet, must be very difficult not knowing whats going on!

Wonderful photo and I know what you mean about seeing things that you have grown from seed, its a really great feeling! :o)

Hope you have a nice weekend :o)