Monday, April 23, 2007

Liverpool skies

Saturday we went to visit Dad in hospital. Coming out of the Mersey Tunnel at the Dock Entrance on the way home we were stopped by a red traffic light, so I took the opportunity to shoot one of the Liver Birds.

Liver Bird

The whole of central Liverpool is in a state of flux at the moment, with skylines of cranes everywhere. This was the best of a disappointing bunch of photos - the light was just too poor to shoot from a moving car.

Cranes on what used to be Chevasse Park I think

We had a very difficult weekend, but I can't really talk about it much at present. And today hasn't been any better so far, just hoping it doesn't degenerate as much as yesterday did.

Tomorrow we have a Case Conference at the hospital about Dad's discharge. Please send us all your positive thoughts at 4pm!


Mary said...

oh, I like the new look.

Best of luck.

littlemithi said...

Hey Maggie! Hope things get resolved soon with your dad. Spring is here - the sun will be out soon!

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. You're one of my regulars and I really appreciate it.

cusp said...

Oh Maggie I hope it went well and that you got my previous email.

We've been in your situation --- the ill parents and the Alzheimer's. My father and mother-in-law both suffered from that horrible condition. I'm sending good thoughts because I have a really good idea of what you're all going through.

Thanks for your good wishes on my returning to blogging