Friday, April 27, 2007

Another difficult day

Things are rather tough around here right now, but here's another cat video that made me laugh.

Went out in the back yard about an hour ago. It's full of violets, and some of the day lily seeds I planted in Abersoch last summer (we brought them home at the end of the season) have germinated. Next time I make the trip downstairs I'll try and remember to take my camera!

The Mock Orange bush has a bad case of black fly already, and the rose bush has greenfly. I pulled out about half a dozen weeds, and then had to take a rest.

Atlantic Tower

Atlantic Tower Hotel


cusp said...

Yeah, you need these sorts of distractions to get you through the tough times don't you.

Some of the vids. are quite cruel but they do remind me of some of the daft things our cats did in the past. If you drew a spider on the edge of the newspaper, one of our cats would 'dab' it and play with it for ages. Another used to round up all our chickens and put them back in their run. He didn't like them cluttering up his garden !

You might take some comfort from something in my latest post ;-}

Take care.

Mary Anne said...

that video brought a smile to my face. I do hope you are keeping well as can be through these tough days and taking care of yourself.