Sunday, April 29, 2007

Found some just started socks!

I seem to have started this sock maybe in 2004... I've picked it up again, and done about 4 rounds today I think. Lots of mistakes, but John won't notice or care.

Rust coloured socks WIP

I knitted a pair of socks from the same issue of Vogue Knitting ages ago. Certainly more than 10 years ago. Initially I used them for Yoga Classes. Now I use them as bed socks very occasionally. They were my first foray into cable knitting.

Purple socks

Today I have been reading lots of knitting blogs, and succumbed to some yarn to knit more socks. But have decided to concentrate more on plain knit socks as I just want something really easy to work with. Something I can just pick up when waiting for whatever.

I'll still keep plugging away on the rust coloured socks, but right now I need some easy knitting.

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Mary Anne said...

Yay Maggie! Sock knitting is so much fun, isn't it. I'm only doing the tube socks at the moment because I can't concentrate enough on the shaped heel/gusset but I'm enjoying it immensely. and even more fun is reading about other sock knitters.