Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back yard update

Am thrilled to see some of the seed from the really sweet-scented day lilies that I sowed last year has germinated. :-)

Day Lily Seedlings

A gazillion violets are flowering, and got a fair amount of ivy leaved toadflax (officially a weed, but I just love it and spent years tryingto spread it round the yard!) flowering too.

Ivy leaved toadflax closeup

The agapanthus seedlings are getting quite big now, might even flower in a couple more years if I can give them some good plant food... I really really want a wormery! ;-)

Agapanthus seedlings

Looks like some of last year's lilies that we brought back from Abersoch in October may flower too. We brought them home to give them a chance to get big enough to flower - the bunnies eat them as they emerge from the ground otherwise.

Lilies from above

Lots of violets too.



Mary Anne said...

New life in the garden is always a welcome sight. You have a nice variety of plants in your yard.

Ruth said...

Wonderful plants. I absolutely love day lilies. Well done for growing them from seed. I totally agree with you about toadflaz as well. Anyway a weed is just a plant in the wrong place. So if you like it and it's where you want it to be then it'NOT a weed.