Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Before anything else, take a look at this video, but be warned it's not safe to have food or drink in your mouth while viewing unless you want a be-splattered monitor.

We went to the case conference yesterday, which makes it 3 trips to the Wirral in 4 days. And every time involved using the wheelchair, which gives me a numb bum and does my back in. So today I'm just surfing the web and resting up.

Liverpool Cranes

Liverpool Cranes


Mary Anne said...


I hope the conference went ok. I'm sorry you have to suffer each time for these outings.
ps: the video was so cute and did make me laugh out loud :)
oh yes, I like the new look of your blog.

jas said...

They don't make these things easy for us do they?

Love the video, mind you my three can do most of that on a bad day, like when it's raining and they will NOT go outside!


Anonymous said...

Was thinking of you and took a look at the link to your photos on xanga, but was unable to leave a message there on that site. I basically said I enjoyed the pics of the beach and the kiddies and of your lovely cat. I did fillout the form, but when I pressed continue, it sent me a "you cannot do this" type message. SO, saying it here instead so you'll know. Hope you're feeling a bit more rested today (Thurs).
All my best wishes,