Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well, I'm here, sort of.

I just spent an hour or so watching the abalone sky with an archipelego of clouds floating in it.

Took some photos, as I thought Sisyphus might enjoy them, she needs cheering up. But I can't upload them to this computer (another random programme conflict I suspect, should spring-clean this desktop!), and am back on dial-up on the laptop, so would probaly take take too long. Aaarrgghh! But will get them up when I can, if any are free of camera shake.

And then caught the last 10 minutes of an old "Top Gear" on some random Sky channel, which gave me the best laugh I've had all week. Jeremy Clarkson was invited to open a swimming pool... He bought a Rolls Royce cheap (well, it did have a lot of body probs plus leaky radiator), did it up (sort of cobbled it up might be a better description), donned the only suit he owns - or so he said. Then instead of stopping for the red be-ribboned scissors brandished by the Mayor ("What do I need scissors for?") he drove straight through the red ribbon and straight into the swimming pool. Well it's funnier to watch than describe, I wonder if it's available on YouTube.


More importantly I want to wish my good friend Ray, "Mr Co-Cure", a very happy 60th Birthday. Happy Birthday Ray! And many more of them. Let's hope Co-Cure won't be needed by the time you reach your 70th! ;-)

This is only a quickie post - too much going on to blog about as it's all happening so fast. Dad is still in hospital, he had a MRSA infection, not sure exactly what the infection position is right now. But from what Doctor R told us just over a week ago it seems he has a worse bug in his lungs, so they are being very careful about infection control, and the Doc emphasised that we should be careful to use the hand wash etc. Pneumonia is a constant possibility. Plus they are using antiseptic skin cream to prevent the infection spreading to his skin.

Mum had laser eye surgery on Tuesday, which John took her to. Her sight has improved a bit, but she is sad that she still can't see well enough to read. I think it was probably too much to hope for (she has AMD) but I guess it's only natural to hope against hope that things will return to more normal, despite what anyone tells you.

The phone rings too often for me now, but this morning had a welcome call. Helen and David got home from Sweden late last night, and it was Helen on the phone. They stayed in the Ice Hotel, went on a short hike wearing snow-shoes, went out on snow-mobiles, but didn't see the Northern Lights as it was cloudy. But it's not been a great year for it this year apparently - something to do with sunspots and solar flares?

Gotta go, am missing Comic Relief does Fame Academy!


sisiphusledge said...

Hi Maggie, that youtube was very amusing. They must have had fun scripting that one up! I'm amazed that Jeremy actually got out of the car underwater...I've always thought that was nigh impossible!
Thanks for the thoughts and the link. I hope those photos load soon. I don't know whether you read my reply to you about Abersoch, but I really am amazed that it can be such a small world sometimes. I mean, here you are in Liverpool, (link to my babyhood) and ( SL)talking about running along Abersoch beach. Perhaps pure coincidence, but these sort of things make me wonder, long and deep, about life.

Warmest wishes,

sisiphusledge said...

Oh, and I do hope that your Dad recovers...that must be such a worry for you, along with all your other problems. I always worry about my Mum, now that she is old and every time she is ill, I am morbidly fearing the worst. My thoughts are with you Maggie, I am sending positive thoughts your way for your Dad.