Thursday, February 22, 2007

Black eye!

Yesterday evening John and I went over to Arrowe Park Hospital to visit Dad. I rested up most of the day, had a bath, and was ready for tea when John got in from work - he's on 9.30-5.30 this week, so was later home than usual. Every red light was against us - it took forever to get to the hospital. We only had to drive twice round the car park to find a space though, which is a definite improvement over daytime! I was virtuous, and wore my neoprene corset for the journey. Which I believe is why my back isn't too bad today following the travelling, but my legs are barely functioning.

We got told off for arriving late - Dad was worried we weren't coming when we didn't arrive on the dot of the beginning of visiting time (7pm). We managed to stay on a bit late to make up for it though.

Dad looks much better than he did when I last saw him, which was the day he was admitted. He's still on antibiotics I think, but didn't cough at all in the time we were there. Just as well, as he has MRSA throat infection so if he starts coughing and sneezing they will have to isolate him I think. We carefully did the alcohol rub hands thing on entering and leaving the ward, but can't say I noticed anyone else bothering.

He saw the physio again, from what we could gather - they will be trying to get him mobile again. The ward is very noisy - the TV was blaring out Coronation Street so all the visitors were talking loud to be heard over it. Dad is still speaking very quietly so I couldn't make out a lot of what he was saying. Plus there was one of those buzzer alarms going for ages that really scrambled my head.

I imagine as soon as the infection clears they will dump him in a "rehabilitation" ward, just hope it isn't the same place as last time, which was dire.

This morning I staggered on my lumpish legs to the bathroom, as I washed my hands I looked into the mirror over the basin and discovered I've developed a black eye overnight. Will have to try and find some eye shadow to match up the other eye so as not to scare the neighbours!

Black eye!


Mary said...

on the bright side, that's one of the neatest black eyes I've seen.

Juggling Mother said...

Good luck to your dad.

Some would say it's quite clever being able to come with a black eye overnight:-) Think of the trouble you could get people into!

Thanks for visiting & reminding me that BOOKS still exist:-)