Thursday, March 15, 2007


Haven't looked at my stats recently, so was rather surprised to find I had 70 page loads on Tuesday. Very strange (usually it's between 10 and 20, with the occasional blip). Some of the search terms people use are quite entertaining, and I find myself wondering why on earth they are looking for such stuff. This is the funniest I've had recently:
pictures of bacon stuck between teeth

The phone has been ringing all day today. Mum rang at 9am, worried as she'd had a phone call from Social Services asking her a lot of "lifestyle questions" as she put it. I don't know why, and they haven't made an appointment to visit. She is supposed to be being assessed by them, but gawd knows when.

Then I had a couple of silent calls. Pick up, nobody there, and number withheld. I hate these.

I was very tired so had a nap this afternoon, and just as I was dropping off the bloody phone rang again, I'm afraid I left it. Yet another silent call around 5pm, so John was lucky I picked it up when he called at 5.40 to say he would be late home. Since then Helen has called from the hospital as Mum couldn't remember if John was going to take her to visit tomorrow (he is), and the phone has just gone yet again (Helen again with news of the visit).

Sounds like Dad is getting his sense of humour back. The staff asked him what he'd like to drink, and the response was "a gin and tonic". When they said they couldn't manage that he said "a nice Italian white then".

We got yet another phone call after all the rest - Orange ringing to try and sell us their internet service. I bet it was them that all the silent calls that withheld their number were from earlier. Grrr. John told them not to call us about it again - they rang me a couple of weeks ago too. Used to be our ex-directory number didn't attract sales calls, but it doesn't seem that way any more. Grrr, grrr and grrr again.

Paula's place - House of Poland, Lark Lane. .

House of Poland, Lark Lane, Liverpool

Paula is the best hairdresser I have ever had my hair cut by. And she is lovely too. I've been going to her since the kids were tiny, and remember them getting styled for the school disco one year - Helen had totally crimped hair (well, it was fashionable back then!) and looked fantastic. Paula, if you ever read this, hugs to you.

The last time Sarah came up from London (nearly 3 weeks ago) we both had haircuts, and she treated me to a manicure.

Red fingernails

We sat in Keith's for a while beforehand (Paula is usually running a bit late, but we're used to it, and she is well worth waiting for), I had cappuccino, she had hot chocolate. Helen met up with us post haircut to drive us home, and she and Sarah split carrot cake and chocolate cake. They decided the carrot cake took it on this occasion as it was nice and moist. Nice to sit there and watch the people passing by - Lark Lane is a great place to people watch.

I am pleased with this photo I took through the window at Keith's, but just need to get the angle slightly different so I get the whole of the sign for The Albert showing through the window. Next time we go I will attempt to do that.

The Albert from Keith's

The old laundrette across the road, where Sandy's Mum used to work, has been closed for a while now. It's being done up, refurbished, and will become yet another restaurant. But I was struck by the wonderful lettering on the old shop banner exposed where the laundrette sign has been taken down.

Lark Lane - used to be the laundrette

We also noticed some amazing detail on a building across the road from Paula's, and a bit closer to the Park. We were speculating on its history - there is an entrance part way along the building that goes through a tunnel to a courtyard/space at the rear. Presumably to drive a coach through? It's on the same block as The Albert, so maybe it used to belong to that. Who knows. But I think I'd like to try and find more out.

Detail of building in Lark Lane

Lark Lane has a lot of interesting buildings, I really must go and take more photos one of these days. And it'd be good to take a stroll (well, more of a stagger for me!) along Hadassah Grove, lots of interesting buildings down there!


Mary said...

You don't want to know about some of the weird search terms that point people at my blog - particularly since I did that post about "Accessibility, equality and the need to pee".

Glad to hear your dad is perking up.

Oh, and as far as the phone thing goes - I have problems with salespeople calling my number because I am not the first person to have been assigned that phone number. Someone had it before, and then cancelled their line or whatever, and now I have their old number and, even two years on, get people calling up about the outstanding catalogue bills and so on that she owes.

Ellen Loudon said...

HI Maggie, you left a message on my blog so I mde it here to yours. These photos of Lark Lane make me feel homesick. I miss Liverpool so much. Great to know tht the laundrette is being done up - though I am not sure the lane needs another resturant!