Friday, April 01, 2005

Bed drawing for the Everyday Matters challenge

I finally finished the drawing of my bed! I guess I worked on it for a couple more hours. Hopefully I'll get going on the next challenge (which I think was the toyland one) tomorrow.

But I will be working on a different challenge too. My DLA finishes on 25 April, so I really MUST get the awful form filled in and sent off. I reckon it will take me at least 10 hours to finish it off, and then John will write it out for me as my handwriting becomes totally illegible after about 5 mins of writing by hand. So that's going to take a large chunk out of the weekend.


LaureAnne said...

( I posted this at your photo blog, but wanted to add it to your main blog, just for the record :D.)Maggie, you did it!! And I love it!You have drawn such a great Bonnard-like interior, with all the shapes cozying up to each other and interlocking like puzzle pieces. I love the great colors---and look at the rug! And the cat! This was worth waiting for :D.

elaine said...

Fabulous - very jazz-age colours. And the cat - yay :)

Janey said...

Hey, what's my cat doing on your bed? I like all the detail and nice rug. And thanks for visiting my blog too.

deboraht said...

The shapes and colours make this a very interesting piece of art. I love it!