Saturday, April 30, 2005

Whatever happened to this week?

There I was on Monday being happy that my form was done and sent off, and even received in time (just!), and suddenly it's Saturday and the week has got away from me again!

I've really got hooked on taking photos of the yard from the bathroom window. It's a nice way to see how things are moving on in the yard. And because I'm short (only 5'2") I think that I don't get to look down on much! I love satellite shots of the earth too.

I have actually managed to do a small amount of gardening this week. I planted out half of the pansies on Tuesday, and the rest on Thurday. I love pansies, and they do OK in shade, which is good news for the yard.

I split a strawberry plant that had got too big for its pot, thinking to get two plants, but ended up with three. I split one off and potted it on Tuesday before I ran out of steam. I thought I'd taken pictures, but if I did I can't find 'em. But here's a shot from the bathroom window looking up our terrace to make up for lack of strawberry plant pics!

Yesterday, in the 10 minutes it took while my cottage pie from Wiltshire Farm Foods was heating up in the microwave, I managed to split strawberries 2 and 3 and pot the smaller one up. And pot up the violets into a pot of spent compost - will take them to the caravan when we go, I don't think you can ever have too many violets!

Had a trip to see my GP yesterday. I put her down as the (professional) person to tell about my disability on the dreaded form, and thought it might be a good idea to let her know just what my life is like at the moment. It took me most of the day to make notes and condense it to two pages, but she will scan it into my notes and refer to it if DWP (Department of Work and Pensions - sounds positively Orwellian don't it!) contact her.

I said that I didn't know if they would bother. She waved her hand at a large pile of papers, "They usually do". She wished me luck with my application. Which was nice of her, but it comes to something when disability claims are so difficult to get that even doctors who know you wish you luck.

This afternoon John has been working on rooting out old mortar on the yard walls so that he can re-point them before painting with the Ecos Organic Paints masonry paint in Alabaster. It will reflect so much more light around the yard (and into the kitchen too). So to finish off this entry, here's a picture of the yard as it was about half an hour ago.


Laura said...

Maggie, it is so much fun to see these vignettes from your life! Love your little green world!

Sharon said...

Thanks for giving us a tour into your colorful backyard. If someone where a painter, your pictures would make excellent reference photos! Best wishes with your application~~ enjoy the day!

Linn said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and the comments you left! /L

Silvianne said...

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