Monday, April 04, 2005

And another trip to the dentist!

I was hoping to post about my weekend's gardening, but I had another dental mishap yesterday. Thought I had a bit of bacon stuck between my teeth, tried to scrape it out, and my capped tooth fell out. John rang about an hour ago to say he's managed to get me an appointment at 2.40 today, so had to rush to the bath so that the poor dentist won't pass out at the smell! I hope he can glue the thing back in, it looks kinda gungy to me, but maybe he can clean that off and repair it. Meanwhile I have a very strange looking smile! But vanity prevents me posting a picture, I'm sure you'll understand.

Here's Saturday's coffee break in the yard. If I survive the dentist I'll try and write some more later.


Laura said...

Primroses and a filled-to-the-brim cup of coffee: I'll take it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie,

My favourite violets, Viola "Freckles" (viola sororia) are just coming into flower. They do well in pots - let me know if you'd like some seeds sent.


Anonymous said...

Link I've given above is Japanese and won't load - try this one instead from Beth Chatto:

Freckles viola sororia

elaine said...

Hope the dentist visit went well and you got your smile back :) Love, love, love the fork 'shadow' next to your coffee mug.

Sonia said...

Beautiful photo, very charming!

Anonymous said...

I hate dentists full stop.
My problem is, I tend to faint in the chair or just about "almost finished" time.I'm due to see mine "again" in a weeks time and I have ants running up and
down my spine already!!