Monday, April 25, 2005

Amaryllis, yet again. It's almost over today, so I thought I'd do one final picture of it.
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Laura said...

Gorgeous, your amaryllis' swan song.
Take care,

Tom C said...

Thanks for signing mine. Yes DLA is hell. Leisje of flickr told me this

"M.E. is a serious illness . . . In Holland a lot of people think that people with ME should follow a graded exercise programme because here apparently a lot of people have benefitted from it. But it is not for everybody. Every person is different.
Now people who are on a disability benefit have to go through a re-examination again because it is costing the government too much money. Those who suffer from M.E. can only still get a disability benefit if they are too ill too dress themselves. Everybody else gets a normal benefit which means they have to start applying for jobs again. Which as you know is impossible for (some if not most) M.E. sufferers. So now the politicians are talking again of making it an official disease. Let's hope that they will succeed.

Linn said...

How do I envy your ability to make things grow! I am struggeling with the plants I have, but had to put another one in the compost today... Still I'm dreaming of tomato plants... You're surely an inspiration!

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