Friday, April 01, 2005

Die you slugs!

John has watered the nematodes in this evening. Tomorrow I think we are supposed to water the ground (and pots) again, and then the forecaste for Sunday is rain, so I think we'll leave it to nature after that. Die you slugs!

I better not say what John caught some snails at recently (I like to think this is a U-rated blog!)... Needless to say they got chucked over the yard wall into the alley, to be joined by some of their single friends from my few recent explorations in the yard. I know that they have homing instinct and will try to get back... But they will have to scale a 7 foot or so wall to get back into the yard. It all takes time, and who knows, they might get splatted en route.

Two summers ago at the caravan I tried an experiment. My normal practise has always been to just chuck slugs (I toss these using a trowel - eeeuuuggghhh couldn't stand to touch them aaaaggggghhhh!!!) and snails into the next field. I'm just a bit "thing" about stomping on them, even slugs (stomping is too messy and can carry in onto the carpet - secateurs are good, or just slice 'em with your trowel). So I marked snail shells with Snopaque before chucking them over the hedge. Took between 1 and 2 weeks (if I recall correctly), but at least one snail made it back.

Aaah molluscs, can't live with them (seriously allergic to shellfish), can definitely live without them. Just wish I had the chance, and so do my plants!

I expect tomorrow I'll be moaning about greenfly. At least it'll be a change!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just wanted to tell you if you put salt around your flowers, the slugs will NOT cross it. Maybe this will help ur garden keep looking great as it is. Hope you get the slug problem taken care of.