Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Postie brings a parcel!

Parcel contents

Sunday I spent a lot of time reading knitting and craft blogs, and landed on Get Knitted. So I had to order some wool... I wanted to have something relatively simple to knit, the sock I'm currently working on has seed stitch panels. Because my concentration is so bad at the moment I keep making mistakes. While the sock will be perfectly functional with some misplaced stitches it seems a shame to put so much effort in and the final sock have loads of mistakes.

And then I thought that since I was ordering anyway, I'd get the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting International. And of course I needed needles too - now I'm wishing I'd got 2 sets so I could knit the pair simultaneously. Ah well, next time I'm ordering! (good excuse!)

As you can see, the parcel also contained a sock pattern, Get Knitted biro and a lollipop too! Ordered Sunday, had an email Monday morning to say the parcel had been despatched, and arrived this morning. Great service.

Can't wait to get going, but will have to wait for John to hold the skein for me to wind... I should have ordered a swift while I was at it!


Mary Anne said...

Looks like a good pattern to use when you want simple and nothing too complex. The yarn is gorgeous colourways.

Rumbligs said...

My goodness Maggie! You've become a manic writer and photographer in my absence! I am put to shame, given that you also have so much on your plate with your Dad's care and your Mum.

I love the pictures of the socks....particularly the "Vogue" knitting pattern one! I have countless numbers of unfinished knitting projects in our store room. I just can't really get into knitting. My mother knits endlessly...perhaps that's why!

Sis x