Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gardening and random other stuff

Not done much this week, but I did get into the back yard and water some plants.

Acer in pot

I have loved the Peace Rose since I was a child. The one in our back yard is attacked most years by aphids. But we usually get at least a couple of blooms. I love the flower, and especially the scent - just wonderful.

Rose bud - Peace

Am very entertained by Shrink Rap's post about Darth Vader. I am just a person and not a psychiatrist (if you see what I mean, no offence intended to My Three Shrinks or any other psychiatrist), but I tend to agree with Shrink Rap's take on Darth Vader's possible psychiatric disorder/difficulty. Rather than the alternative.

Am amazed at how the garden is coming on, especially the lillies. We brought these back to Liverpool to sit in the yard safely - left in Abersoch the bunnies would nibble the shoots as they emerged. Now the plants are tall, ready to take to patio at the caravan, but we aren't fit to take them this weekend.

Lilies in bud

My Day Lily seedlings continue to grow, must pot them on soon into good compost.

Day lily seedlings

Been reading up on Agapanthuses (Agapanthi?) as just love the ones we have in Abersoch so much. My seedlings are coming on, will be interesting to see if any of them flower anytime soon, and if they do if any are worth keeping. Takes about 4 years to get a flower from seedling I think, so not yet! ;-)

This is my mystery bud - will update when it opens!

Mystery Bud

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