Sunday, January 25, 2009

More at the flat

We went back to the Flat again today. John washed the bathroom floor, and I did more hoovering. It really was hoovering, as was using Mum's Hoover. But between all of that I sat and watched the sky some of the time.


We packed up yet more stuff and have brought it home. We need to do some decluttering as a matter of urgency!

John picked up some Chinese meals from Morrison's as on special offer for Chinese New Year. Spring rolls for starters, which I am eating now, but they're a bit on the hot side, so am only nibbling till they cool a little more.

We've cleared most of the stuff from the flat now, last few bits need help to shift - eg bookcase still there is too heavy for John to manage on his own. Helen may be able to help on Thurday - last day before Completion of sale.

John had fun watching a boat practising sailing skills.

Sailing on the Marine Lake

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RobinB said...

Hi Maggie, Visiting your site for the first time this morning was a delight. I lived and worked in Liverpool in 1981 and have been back a few times since. Your words and photos help me feel Im there again. I plan to visit often...thank you, Robin in Seattle