Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still clearing the flat

Went over to the parental flat again today after John took the Band to catch their train back to Cambridge and did the shopping.

I washed the fridge really thoroughly - it wasn't that dirty, but now I would happily put food in it. Before my feelings were it was a bit iffy.

Cleaned bath and basin. Hope we can wash bathroom floor before Completion on 30th.

We brought more stuff back. We have more stuff to bring back still. Prob 2 car trips still.

I am shattered! Sorry no photos - while it was sunny and still when we arrived, wind got up and clouds came over while I was cleaning the fridge. Fortunately the wind abated before we left - was beginning to worry about negotiating the wind tunnel outside the front door to the building!

We may go back tomorrow, depends if I can move at all after today's exertions.

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