Thursday, March 05, 2009

Poem from 1989

I'm sure daughter won't be terribly pleased that I've posted this here... But I want to keep it somewhere it I can find it, and not lose it merely because the tatty piece of paper it's written on disintegrates. I think it's a great poem for an eight year old. Proud Mum!

After all these years am still a proud Mum of both my wonderful daughters.

25th April 1989

The Snail

Mrs Snail went out for a slither one day
And the sun was shining bright and gay
But Mrs Snail gave a silent wail
For a small thin bird was out for a glide
And of course Mrs Snail didn't want to be spied
So she quickly went to hide.
The hungry bird flew out of sight
And Mrs Snail felt Joy and light.

(It must be fairly obvious that I wasn't a gardener back then!)

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Mary Anne said...

What a lovely poem! I couldn't do as well even now.