Friday, September 21, 2007

Tribute to Mum

Today was the day of Mum's Funeral. While I hope to write more about the last few days (very busy, very tiring), I wanted to put up my Tribute that I read out at the Funeral.

Rhena Jane

30 October 1917 - 13 September 2007

Mum was born and brought up in Dolgellau, where she lived until she married Dad. She was the third of five children, and she, like the rest of her generation, saw many changes in her lifetime.

As a child she had a candle stub to light herself to bed. She remembered when electicity arrived in Dolgellau, with a grand "turn on" of the street lights.

All her life Mum loved the mountains around her home town. She and her friends would climb Cader Idris on summer nights to watch the sun rise from the summit.

After their marriage Mum and Dad lived in North Harrow, until a merger of the London and Lancashire Insurance Company and Royal Insurance brought them to West Kirby.

Mum and Dad were both sad to leave their home in Harrow, but soon settled in, making many friends. Mum was a very sociable woman, and Dad and I teased her about all the Coffee Mornings she went to!

Mum was a very practical person - she cooked, shopped, washed, ironed, cleaned, gardened, sewed and knitted. She did all the decorating around their homes, even learning to tile the bathroom as it would have been months before anyone was available to do the work for her.

Mum was a wonderful cook, her cakes were fantastice - Butterfly cakes, orange cake, lemon cake, coffee cake, but best of all, chocolate cake, which was my Dad's favourite.

After many happy years in Kingswalk, my parents moved to Spindrift Court, where they enjoyed the views of the River Dee and the marine lake.

Throughout her life Mum continued to return to visit friends and family in her home town. Mum especially loved babies and small children, and took great delight in latter years watching her Welsh nephews* growing up.

When Dad became ill, over 2 years ago, Mum insisted he returned home to Spindrift Court, where she nursed him until he became too poorly for her to manage. Because of her tireless efforts Dad remained in the home he loved with the woman he loved for as long as possible, and we had two further happy family Christmases together.

*should be great-nephews! I got confused,



Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Maggie, that is beautiful. A big hug to you & I hope you have a restful weekend.

Natalya said...

What a wonderful tribute Maggie. You have given us an insight in to what a remarkable your Mum was, thank you for sharing. Love and {{HUGS}} to you, Natalya (talj) x

Antoinette Christie said...

Hi Maggie sorry to hear your sad news!
Your tribute to your mum was beautiful.
Lots of Hugs are sent your wayXXX


Libbys Blog said...

You could have knocked me down with a feather when you mentioned your parents lived in Kings Walk! We lived in Hillside Road (from 1959 to 1988) the next Road along off Ennisdale Drive!!!!
Its scary how small this world is. I wonder if we knew one another? Did you go to school around there at all?

Probably Jane said...

You have great wisdom and courage to step back and appreciate your mum for the person she was in the whole of her life. I am sure this will help you heal.

With my very best wishes


seahorse said...

Oh Maggie. Lots of love

Artis-Anne said...

Oh Maggie I am so sorry I should have scrolled down first . Please accept my condoleneces A lovely tribute to your Mam

Amanda said...

This is a lovely tribute Maggie. Twenty-one years ago when I was backpacking in Europe with my soon-to-be husband we visited Dolgellau. I remember in the early evening a young fellow walking past us grabbed my husband's scarf and gave it a yank, yelling "scarf! scarf!" We never understood what that was all about, but we often laugh about it! I am really delighted that I have visited your mother's birthplace.

suzi finer said...

wishing you love.