Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sort of back here?

Lamp, India building

Yesterday evening it was incredibly clear, we could see Snowdon from our bedroom. It always means a lot to me when this happens.

I woke around 4am with the Harvest Moon shining in my face through our bedroom window. I woke John to look at it (not being mean here - he likes to see things like this), but he saw it later on his way for his early morning swim.

Had a bath today. I think this is the first bath I took since the morning of Mum's Funeral. It took me about half an hour. It was great to wallow in warm water, and while doing so I began to think about how would be good to finish off our bathroom... Already broke one tile by opening the window enough to look out and take photos.

It's a real shame, as our bathroom looks great.


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Welcome back Maggie

seahorse said...

Baths are great places for healing and contemplation. My record was well over an hour.