Thursday, June 09, 2005

Spider Ball!

Took some time out for coffee in the back yard this morning. Lazy bumblies sampled the foxgloves and campanula while the swifts wheeled shrieking overhead. Potted up the broken off hosta stem that finally has begun to grow some roots - will keep it in the house a little longer until the roots have a chance to grow more and mature. Chucked 3 snails over the wall.

I have three small hellebores, look what John found on one of them yesterday! I had gone early to bed after rather ovedoing the shifting plants around yesterday morning, and he insisted on bringing it in to show me! EEEEEEEK!!! Tiny and cute and yellow they may be, but they are still spiders!

This is what happens if you blow gently on the spider ball...

Some of the campanulas have taken up residence on the top of our wall.


Linn said...

I love the pictures from your garden! Nice to see you're back! Take care!

Lindsay said...

You have a lovely garden. I live near Chicago in the US and have a tiny yard! But I'm working on planting it really nicely. Have to learn how to up load pictures before I can put it on my blog....I'm new at this! But sooooon

Robyn said...

Before responding, I scanned down the page to your earlier photographs of your garden as a work in progress. The change is amazing! It must be a source of great satisfaction to your to have created such a tranqil retreat.

Scratches & Scribbles

vfm4 said...

a spider cradle! isn't that great? :)