Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Night

Sitting here in bed with the window open. Blackbird is singing, can hear even over the intermittent traffic noise.

Yesterday I set the morning glory seeds to soak overnight in luke-warm water. Today I planted them - some of the traditional blue, and some "Black Knight" are more a deep and glowing cerise.

John has gone off to see Flamingo 50 launch their new album, and a US band who's name sadly escapes me. I'm still looking at car websites! Hope can get to sit in some more cars tomorrow, Renault this time.

Yard hasn't changed that much - more flowers on the Mock Orange, and Mystery Flower finally revealed what it was. But here's a picture of the "flower bed" I took this afternoon.


Lindsay said...

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for your kind words on my site. Ialso planted morning glories this year!! I did not soak mine. Just planted them. They came up in 2 days....of course 3 days of wet warm weather helped alot! I am falling in lovewith gardening! Yours is wonderful. You inspire me! My garden is small too. Lindsay

Anonymous said...

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Jude said...

Your garden is a delight. Is that a Sandpaper Vine (Petrea volubilis) I see? Am surprised that this tropical would do so well where you live. We have planted two and in summer they are a real delight.

moi said...

Beautiful, beautiful-- wish my "garden" looked like yours. We have morning glories, the perennial kind that never die, just spread, and spread, and spread... all over anything in it's path. Nice to look at, though.

Anonymous said...

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