Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Gardening Disappointment

Did a bit of a scout around the back yard in the 12 minutes it took for my lunch to heat through in the microwave. The first flower on my "Gold Lace" primula has opened today. But it isn't a "Gold Lace" primula. It's a boring purple one with a yellow middle, nice enough I'm sure, but not what I purchased. This is what it should look like, and here is what it actually does look like. I am not a happy bunny.

Here's a side view.

But the rest of the yard is full of greenery and a few blooms, so guess I shouldn't complain. These pots will get moved again once the re-pointing and painting get done, but they seem happy enough here for now. The foxgloves have tall flower spikes on them now, and the fuschia has buds forming. The bamboo always looks rather bedraggled - I think it dried out completely over the winter, hence the tatty looks of the leaves... It did the winter before too. I think that once the first part of the deck is done the bamboo will go close to the kitchen door - that way John might remember to water it occasionally!

I'm not sure what this shrub is, a gift from the birds we presume, but the leaves look a little like lilac leaves to me. Guess I'll have to pot it on and grow it on to find out what it is! Or maybe we'll plant it out behind the shed at the caravan.

The scillas are beginning to come into flower. I'm not sure I'll keep them, think I'd rather have the proper English bluebells. I have some seed, but it's a couple of years old now so may not be viable. I think it needs treating in the freezer once it's sown, will have to try and check out the details.

We still have to re-organise the big pot by the front door. This variegated lemon thyme and the cottage pinks are both to go there, I'll take out the rather strange heather and the chrysanthemums to make space. The


Robyn said...

I can see why you would be disappointed with a purple primua when you should have had such a spectacular display but still ...

The rest of the garden is looking lush and lovely. It will be nice to kick back on a warm summer's evening with a cool drink and survay your good works.

Thanks for bringing some brightness into my day.

Scratches & Scribbles

janey said...

Your garden is beautiful and thanks for that link to the garden place. What a great reference for drawing.

elaine said...

Did you buy your plant from T&M? Cos they are super-duper in the customer service department and would be keen to sort it out. Everything looks so healthy! I am out gritting my teeth with a spray for blackspot and mildew (I hate spraying but I can't find any other option - boo). Anyway - what everyone else said - fab garden, lovely to share it with you.


Linn said...

All i can say is that I'm absolutely green with envy! How do you do this? Are these excellent skills with plants talents you were born with, or do ordinary people like me have chance? Anyway it's lovely!

Sonia said...

Lovely flowers, amazing pictures!

Tom C said...

How very annoying for you. It really bears no comparison does it.

Yes, the garden is waking up now, and this morning I bought 5 hanging baskets half price at the local Homebase. At that price its almost cheaper than doing them yourself and certainly much less effort. Next weekend I'll fill some pots for the patio. Gardens are a delight at this time of year aren't they

Anonymous said...

gorgeous garden, i feel like you walked me through! the green man (benjamin) is an amazing one, i can picture your fertile imagination as a child, and the thoughts he must have conjured (such as suffering cold on a winter's night). thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi Maggie - I expect your garden is looking very different this end of May

Tom C said...

Sorry - anonymous was me- I forgot to sign in.

Anonymous said...

itz a pretty garden but da pic of da "gold lace" primula in ur garden dont look like da 1 in da other pic
oh well
u have a nice garden
it aint dat bad
itz pretty kewl

Anonymous said...

ita aren but dic of da "gold lapila in ur gardok ika 1 in dther i
oh well
uave a nicden
itint db
itr eewl

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