Monday, May 02, 2005

My garden table - hopefully the snails won't reach these plants! The sooner we get the longed for deck installed across at least part of the yard the happier I'll be. It'll be wonderful to step out into the open air without having to do anything more than step over the lip to the kitchen door. John built me steps to get into the yard, but I still find them difficult to use. For some reason I find it harder to go down steps than up, at least from the dizzyness point of view. Even the short flight of four from the kitchen is difficult. Going *up* a short flight is OK, but up the stairs in the house is a problem.
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Linda said...

Ugh -- snails! I hate the nasty beasts! I hope you can keep them away from your beautiful plants. I'm trying to remember something I heard once about how to avoid dizziness when going down steps, but I just can't bring it to mind. If it ever comes to me, I'll be sure to comment and let you know -- just don't be surprised if it is out of the blue! :-)
Hope you can get the yard more accessible so that you can thorougly enjoy this summer's garden!