Friday, February 06, 2015

First Bumble Bee of the year!

Today has been interesting.  After my rather late bath I finally got dressed and just as was about to come downstairs I looked out of the bedroom window to the River Mersey, and saw what I think is the biggest ship I have seen from here.  Bound for Eastham, the Maracas Bay, 175 metres long!  A chemical/oil products tanker.  She was riding very high in the water, and had a tug boat at her stern.  Later to be followed by Leander, at a mere 145 metres, but similar capabilities and headed for Stanlow.  I didn't get to see Leander though, as was rushing to be ready for my Dental Hygienist appointment.

After having my teeth thoroughly cleaned and rattled in my skull I sat out in the front porch continuing my re-reading of "Wolf Hall".  A must re-read since we're enjoying the BBC2 adaptation so much.  It was surprisingly warm in the sunshine, only had a thin jacket on.  Was delighted to see my first bumble bee of the year briefly.  So briefly I couldn't tell what kind it was, but it wasn't one of those huge queens you often see in springtime.  Sort of beige-ish, and about standard medium bumble bee size.  But a promise of Spring!

Now I have freezing feet, as I sat out a bit too long and I'm wearing my posh shoes (have to look respectable when go to the dental practice) and not my sheepskin boots.  The sky is now pearly and beautiful, might grab my boots and go out to sit for a bit longer to watch the colour changes as the daytime ends.

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