Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A change of view come evening

Yesterday we noticed a cherry picker at the street light outside next door.  Assumed the bulb had gone and needed changing.  But then puzzlingly it stopped at every single street light down the road.  To be honest I didn't think about it much, the council does what the council does, seemingly for no good reason often.  But come evening, the lights go on as usual, but instead of the orange sodium glare we have white light!  The skies are very overcast at present, so until we have a clear night I won't be able to tell if these lights make it more possible to see the stars.  Fingers crossed!

The other weird thing was two nights ago I dreamed of my Mum.  I think this might be the 3rd time I've dreamed of her since she died in 2007.  I dreamed that she joined the Green Party!  For a dyed in the wool Tory it seems extremely unlikely, but maybe she's had a change of heart in the afterlife.

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