Friday, August 31, 2012

When I'm 64

Woke to a sunny morning, three buzzards wheeling over, and a flock of swallows swooping overhead.  But by golly it was chilly!  The bathroom was exceptionally frigid, so I put the central heating on to warm it up a bit before showering - I like to be clean on my birthday! Breakfast was an omelette, prob should have had muesli, but thought I'd skip it as it was my birthday, why force something so loathsome down on a celebratory day!

First card opened was from John.  We both agree that the red sailed boat is surely Ruddy Duck!

Card from John

Yes, I still need you
Yes, I'll still feed you *
Now you're 64...

* subject to the usual negotiations

Sarah's card arrived yesterday with a large parcel, but I held off opening both till this morning.  Strong minded or what!  Sarah is well acquainted with my love of hats obviously.  The one I wore to her wedding to Mark is marginally smaller I think, but not much! My purple Chelsea/Port Eliot hat might be approaching this size though!

Card from Sarah and Mark


So then I was able to rip open my parcel, and delighted to find this book inside.

Just Vegetating

John then put up our shark windsock again.  The lashed up bamboos had broken in a gale last week, we were lucky to catch it before it disappeared into the next door field.  But he found some more bamboos and has lashed it up again...  Showed a lovely west wind, but since then the wind has backed (usually a bad sign!) to the South West.  And the hills began to disappear, and now it's completely closed in and has been drizzling.

Cloud closing in 001

After the windsock went back up I became a Boat Widow again...  Three hours later he came back, more boat problems (centreboard jammed half way down), so off into Abersoch to talk to some people.  Meanwhile Duck is on a borrowed deep mooring.

Now he's back again, and we are listening on BBC iPlayer to DoveGreyReader on Radio Devon's Interactive Lunch (begins about 2.08 in).  (Note: this will disappear in a week from today)  So lovely to hear dear DoveGreyReader on my birthday!

And then it was time to listen to Stealing Sheep on Woman's Hour (about 33.55 minutes in) from this morning. This is another one that will sadly only be available for a week. But a great live acoustic version of their new single 'Genevieve' on it, so do have a listen.  We went to their gig at Port Eliot, which I haven't managed to blog about yet, but here's the video I made then of 'Genevieve'.

Chicken in the oven, so think I will sign off for now.

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