Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dr Dorothy Morris, Deemee to me, has died

This morning an email dropped into my Inbox from Tom Kindlon, from an email he had received:

I regret to advise that Dorothy passed away last week from a rare form of cancer. She battled hard for the past year and eventually to treatment and the drugs took their toll.

Her funeral will be held in Leongatha, Victoria, tomorrow.


I am not sure what age she was. My guess is 70-75.*

Dr. Morris, who had M.E., did her PhD on M.E.: "Double Disability:  Lived Experience of Australian Tertiary Students with ME/CFS." She was a former teacher.


*I like to give such information as I imagine many people, like I am, are interested in/concerned about risk of death.


I was fortunate enough to meet Deemee at the MERUK Conference in Cambridge back in 2008.  I was very saddened to hear that she has died.  We had quite a correspondence years ago when I was early on in my time as a Co-Cure Moderator.  I remember how much she loved roses, but had to lose them from her garden due to drought.  It was a real joy to meet Deemee at the Conference.

Have heard from another friend that when Deemee moved house she was able to plant roses in her new home. Which is some comfort in a way.


Thank you Deemee for your friendship, and for all you did to help ME Patients.


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