Saturday, December 30, 2006


Odd kind of day. Sarah left this morning, John went to get new glasses but couldn't (next week) so came home earlier than I expected. He went back to town later to take Sarah's bags down for her to get the train. Then did the shopping on the way home, now he's out swimming.

We seem to have lost the current Radio Times, both of us have searched all the likely (and unlikely!) places we can think of, but no show. Will prob turn up in three or four weeks time when it's out of date and useless.

Must try and make a few New Year cards for people I didn't manage to send Christmas cards to - practically everybody this year unfortunately. But already too late to post. I wish I could be more organized, but the way Life keeps happening it's just not possible.

Here's one of our cheerful Christmas Gnomes. We have two of these sitting on our mantelpiece, painted by the girls in a Guide away weekend, once upon a time and a long time ago. I feel like Christmas has arrived when I get these out of the box in the loft and put them out each December.

Christmas Gnome

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