Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Charon Way

If you are here to read my post on the NICE guidelines for ME/CFS it's here.

Yesterday John took his final day of leave this year. We headed for Charon Way. Up the M62, turn off for Gemini Retail Park... It always seems a good choice of name for that road! The road to retail hell.

In other words we made the trip to IKEA in Warrington to pick up the Christmas candles (Jubla - they don't drip as badly as most candles tend to do). We also managed to spend a huge (for me/us) amount of money. The bedding I had wanted to buy in the Spring (King size, then out of stock) was in store so I thought better strike while the iron's hot...

Then there were the truly eye shattering Christmas coloured cushions that we just couldn't live without. Very Op Art or Bridget Riley maybe. Complementary colours really do things to your eyes! We may put them away after Christmas, bring 'em out again next year. Not sure my eyeballs could live with them year round.

IKEA cushion

We both very tired after! John pushed me in wheelchair around, hard for him. I in wheelchair, pushing self for detailed browsing. But it was worth it for me to take a look at what's on offer.

So tonight we are having a candlelit evening to celebrate. But not quite like Hyacinth's candlelit supper I suspect!

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Loretta said...

Happy Christmas, Maggie! I think Christmas in England would fulfill every childhood fantasy I ever had!